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Jul 23, 2024

A Summer Skincare Routine That Keeps Your Face Looking Fresh

Everyone strives to have fresh and dewy skin. There is no better compliment than if someone compliments how great your skin looks! With the weather getting warmer, it is a good idea to put a summer skincare routine into place to keep your skin happy and glowing!   1. A Great Cleanser Find a great cleanser that targets your skin concerns. Whether that is anti-aging, acne, redness, or dryness, there are plenty of great skin cleansers that will help you ensure you are washing away any dirt, bacteria, and makeup that is sitting on your skin. Double cleansing can also be extremely helpful if you wear makeup frequently so you can wash away your makeup and then target your skin even further.    2. Toner  A toner will help to remove any remaining dirt or bacteria and condition your skin. You can find a toner that will target your main skin concern as well. Some toners will be more conditioning, whereas others will help to target acne or redness.   3. Moisturizer It may seem counterintuitive, but moisturizing your skin is important even in the summer. You will probably want to find a lightweight moisturizer for the summer months since you will be sweating more than you would in colder weather.    4. Sunscreen Sunscreen is perhaps the most important part of a summer skincare routine. You always want to protect your skin from the sun. There are many great face sunscreens available. Whether you prefer a liquid, something with a tint, a powder, or a compact sunscreen, you can find one that you actually enjoy wearing every day.    In the summer months, you can keep your skincare routine simple with these four major steps. Since the summer months usually involve pools, lakes, and plenty of time outside, it is important to continue to care for your skin and keep it as clean and protected as possible. 
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Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Valley Vibes Summer Concert Series

Get ready to groove and sway to the beat at Mission Valley's ultimate Summer Concert Series, "Valley Vibes"! From soulful soloists to dynamic duos and terrific trios, we've got something for every music lover out there, 3 days a week! May 25 - September 2 Mondays: 5PM – 8PM Wednesdays: 5PM – 8PM Saturdays: 3PM – 6PM These performances are free of charge and open to the public; No tickets needed, just bring your best vibes and dancing shoes! Plus, visit Yard House from 3PM - 6PM and NOVO Brazil Brewing from 12PM-6PM for happy hour. Bring your old formal dresses and donate them to the Princess Project on July 13, 15 and 17. Enjoy giveaways and an informational booth on these days, to learn more about the Princess Project and its mission to promote self-confidence and individual beauty. Retailer promos will be taking place during select concerts through out the Summer! Check back for details. To see the season’s full lineup, including information on each performer and their genre, click HERE.
September 21 | 10AM - 1PM

Family Safety Day: Hanging with Heroes

Mark your calendars and get ready for a day of adventure, learning, and excitement at this year’s Family Safety Day “Hangin’ with Heroes” Event on Saturday, September 21 from 10AM-1PM. We are thrilled to announce that Family Safety Day “Hangin’ with Heroes” will be hosted at Mission Valley Shopping Center, outside the all-new Novo Brazil Brewpub, an internationally acclaimed and award-winning California brewery.  We’re rolling out the red carpet for the real-life heroes who work tirelessly to keep us safe every single day. But that’s not all – brace yourselves for an incredible surprise appearance by your favorite big-screen superheroes! It’s a day you won’t want to miss. 🏊‍♀️ Dive into Safety: Water safety, CPR Demos, Childproofing, and More! 🦎 Get Up Close with Reptiles: Ecovivarium’s Mobile Reptile Zoo and Rattlesnake Safety Tips 🔥 Learn Fire Safety: Be Prepared for Any Situation 🌐 Navigating the Digital World: Cyberbullying, Child Abductions, and More But the excitement doesn’t stop there! We’ve got a lineup of amazing activities that you and your family will love: 🔍 Superheroes in Training Scavenger Hunt: Watch your little ones embark on an adventure-filled scavenger hunt, where they’ll interact with “real-life” superheroes stationed throughout the event. It’s an immersive experience that will teach them invaluable safety lessons while sparking their curiosity and imagination. 🎉 Kids Superhero Costume Contest: Calling all young caped crusaders and masked marvels! The Superhero Costume Contest is your chance to shine. Come dressed as your favorite superhero and add an extra layer of excitement to the day. Who knows, there might even be some real superheroes around to join in the fun and the chance to win fun prizes!! Parking is abundant and FREE at Mission Valley. To help reduce congestion and minimize the impact on other shoppers, please park underground near 24 Hour Fitness. Take the walkway up through the center, pass by Foot Locker and Eighteen Threads, San Diego Football Club, and find the check-in to Family Safety Day, which will be located in front of Novo Brewing. We will check in our VIP guests at 9:45 am, and doors open at 10 am. GET TICKETS

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